What courses do you offer?

At this time we’re putting all our effort into Glitch, checkout the link below and come check it out!



Do you accept Creative Kids Vouchers?

We are a Registered Provider for Creative Kids. Redeem a voucher and you’ll get 2 weeks of Glitch for free and your 3rd week is on us!

Service NSW Creative Kids


What will my child learn from these courses?

Your child will take away crucial programming skills that they can use in almost any career. Not only that, but they’ll have had fun and made friends while doing it.


How much does it cost?

We always try to keep our prices low whilst keeping our educational standards high. We prioritise having a strong teacher to student ratio to ensure individual success. It’s only $50 for a full three hour afternoon


How do i sign up?

Put your information in on the Glitch page and we’ll be in touch



Do you offer Minecraft courses?

We have a few minecraft courses! We have our own server and all. Join Glitch and you can modify minecraft through code

Where are the courses held?

We have our own fitted out classroom right in the heart of erina, you’re welcome to come and have a look anytime just give us a call!