Young Glitchers Crash Course


This three day camp is perfect for the younger aspiring coders! Perfect for beginners and experienced coders alike. We’re going to learn a lot about programming, and whether they’re experts already or just starting out we have them covered. It’s about building confidence with technology, which is so important in today’s world! Below are some of the platforms we’ll be working on, but depending on your child we’re certainly not limited by them:

https://www.tynker.com/ – https://codecombat.com/ – https://codespark.com/ – https://code.org/ – https://www.codemonkey.com/

Dates: 22/04/24 – 24/04/24 (3 Days)

Times: 10am-1pm

Age Group: 6-9

Price: $180

Food: No lunch provided, we will have some snacks and there will be a break if students bring their own food

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